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Nose jobs could soon be done WITHOUT surgery

Nose jobs could soon be done WITHOUT surgery: Five-minute technique reshapes tissues with needles, electric zaps, and 3D-printed molds The process was devised by scientists in Los Angeles  It promises to revolutionize cosmetic surgery, which often involves long recovery times and can lead to scarring Rhinoplasties are among the most common operations, but they are… Read More »

The Flat Belly Diet for quick weight loss: Get a flat tummy in 4 weeks without exercise, foods to eat & avoid – Times Now

Tips to help you lose weight on the Flat Belly Diet plan&  | &nbspPhoto Credit:&nbspThinkstock New Delhi: Banishing that stubborn belly fat isn’t just about fitting into your skinny jeans or making you feel and look attractive. Research has proven that carrying excess fat, especially around the middle, can increase your risk of serious health conditions such… Read More »