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Novo Nordisk boosts its GLP-1 score with yet more evidence for crucial semaglutide pill

Novo Nordisk rolled out its latest set of data for its next great hope: the oral version of semaglutide, which would become the only pill in the increasingly competitive GLP-1 class. In trial No. 8 of a 10-trial program, which tested oral semaglutide in longtime diabetes patients, the drug beat placebo at reducing blood sugar… Read More »

Viewpoints: Assigning Gender At Birth Is More About What’s Between Our Ears; O’Connor Reminds Us Of A Need To Cure Alzheimer’s

Opinion writers focus on these health topics and others. The Washington Post: Why Should The Government — Or Anyone — Care What’s Between A Person’s Legs? I am nosy about a lot of things, most of them deeply petty. I have confronted fellow passengers who are misusing overhead luggage space, and I will gossip for… Read More »