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13 Highly Successful Women Share Their Morning Rituals

When it comes to the wellness routines of the world’s most elite entrepreneurs, there’s no denying their morning rituals come with a sort of voyeurism up there with wanting to know what’s in people’s fridges. From Richard Branson’s famous 5am kite-surfing session to Oprah’s ability to ’visualise her wake up time’ (and achieve it, sans… Read More »

Prolonged HIV suppression is possible using ibalizumab, analysis of highly drug-resistant patients shows

A treatment regimen containing ibalizumab (Trogarzo), a monoclonal antibody designed to block HIV, led to substantial viral load reductions in a majority of highly treatment-experienced people with few treatment options left, Dr Zvi Cohen of Theratechnologies reported at the International Congress on Drug Therapy in HIV Infection (HIV Glasgow) on Wednesday. Fifteen out of 40… Read More »