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Domestic Violence Awareness: 7 signs you may be suffering from PTSD and how to get help

It may happen once or it could take place over the course of several years, but  the psychological impacts can last a lifetime. Domestic violence is a reality for more than 12 million men and women in the United States annually, according to the National Domestic Violence Hotline. This translates to about 24 people every… Read More »

CooperVision’s Contacts Combat Eye Fatigue from Digital Screen Usage (Interview)

A recent study by OnePoll, conducted on behalf of CooperVision, manufacturer of soft contact lenses, found that 49 percent of Americans “feel society has become more digital and screen-oriented in the past five years.” The trend is not unexpected with 74 percent of employed Americans using a computer at their job and 7 in 10… Read More »

Sunshine seems to protect babies from eczema – but we don’t know why

Sunlight seems to help prevent babies from developing eczemaRonstik / Alamy Stock Photo By Alice Klein Babies who spend more time in the sun are less likely to develop eczema, but it may not be because it boosts their vitamin D levels as previously thought. Eczema is an allergic skin condition that is becoming increasingly common… Read More »