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A Small Increase In Fitness Levels Can Cut Heart Attack Risk

A study has revealed that poor cardiorespiratory fitness can increase future heart risk attack, even if not having any current lifestyle illness symptoms. The cardiorespiratory fitness of 4527 women and men was measured over a 2 year period. All participants were cancer, cardiovascular disease, or hypertensive free, and the majority of them were considered as… Read More »

What you Need to Know when Choosing Between Body Weight Training and Fitness Equipment Workouts

Body weight training and working out with fitness equipment both offer many benefits. When done correctly, each method can offer a great workout. As someone who is always traveling, I find that having a vocabulary of body weight bearing exercises that requires minimal equipment has really helped me. But I also have seen great improvement… Read More »

Babies Do It. So Do Fitness Trainers. Now Scientists Say It Might Even Improve Memory.

Babies do it. Yoga practitioners swear by it. Fitness instructors say it aids in oxygenation during exercise. Scientists are even touting it for predicting the likelihood of dementia. And now researchers are even claiming that the way we breathe may affect how well our memories are consolidated. Maybe there really is something to breathing through… Read More »