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The five best ways to keep your eyes in tip-top condition for years to come

Vision may be our most ­important sense but many of us are neglecting our precious peepers. Millions of people will suffer from sight problems, ranging from minor issues including red eye to more serious conditions such as glaucoma. More than 2.5 million Brits aged over 65 have cataracts, where the lens becomes cloudy and vision… Read More »

I Just Found Out My Best Friend Is Rich

I go to college in New York City and live with my best friend. She’s from here; I’m not. I Googled her parents recently (for fully innocent reasons). I knew they were wealthier than my middle-class family, but I had no idea they were buy-a-record-price-penthouse-and-make-the-headlines rich! I was shocked: My friend is humble and avoids… Read More »

The Best Waterproof Makeup Products, Based on Me Dunking My Face In Water

Mar 1, 2019 You’ve probably tried a water-resistant mascara or a long-lasting lipstick before, but have you ever worn a full face of waterproof makeup…in the water? My guess is no. Because unless you’re an Olympic swimmer lookin’ for a major face beat, or you’re in the throes of Coachella, you’re probably happy with your… Read More »